about the Library

Pharma Asset Research Inc. (PAR) maintains a unique web-based library on pharmaceutical companies, offering complete overview of the industry and indispensable intelligence necessary for decision making in management and investment.

  • The extensive, in-depth data are maintained and updated on inter-linked sites: 1) COMPANIES, 2) MANAGEMENT & Industry, 3) PIPELINE by pharmacology , 4) R&D by THERAPEUTIC area, 5) MARKET, and 6) Database. For ease and speed of access, these data have been categorized and stored under various key sub-titles, such as alliance, M&A, and diversification on the "MANAGEMENT" site, and, for example, melanoma on the "THERAPEUTICS site, and PD-1 inhibitor on the "PIPELINE" and "MARKET" sites.

  • We call the linked sites a library. The library, or Pharma Asset (PAR) Library, is operated on Google Sites platform with easy-to-use navigation tools designed to help you instantly find the relevant data. The Google navigation system allows you to feel as if you are flying over a target freely and taking snapshots from any angle you wish. The service is available in smart phones and tablets as well as desktop computers.


Training (Therapeutics, Pipeline, and Guide) ..... $500 for 3mo.

R&D (Access to Therapeutics, Pipeline, and Database) ..... $2,000 a year

Business (Access to Market, Companies, and Management) ..... $3,000 a year

Premium (Access to R&D + Business sections, and Monthly guide) ..... $5,000 a year

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